Meadia Heights Golf Club

Post a Score


Members with an established USGA Handicap through Meadia Heights may post scores using the Internet. By clicking on the following link to GHIN (Golf Handicap Indentification Network), you can view your handicap history as well as post a score. In order to post a score, however, you must know your 7-digit GHIN #. If you are unaware of your GHIN #, please contact the Golf Shop and they will provide it to you. If you are not posting a score, and only wish to view your history, simply follow the “Handicap Lookup” link and enter your Last Name and State.

Beginning in 2006, the USGA requires that each Club using its system have a peer review mechanism in place for score posting. Basically, this means a Club must provide its members with a ‘regular and reasonable’ means to accessing other players’ handicap history in order to maintain the integrity of the system. Members can do this either by visiting, or using the handicap computer located in the Golf Shop. Additionally, the Golf Shop will post updated Handicap Reports following each revision. These reports will be located in the locker rooms.

The handicap computer updates every other Friday beginning March 31st. Each time the computer updates, new handicap indexes are calculated. If you’d like to receive your revised handicap via email, visit GHIN’s website and follow the instructions on the Main Page.

If you do not currently have an established handicap through Meadia Heights, and wish to create one, please contact a member of the Professional Staff. A minimum of 5 valid scores are needed in order to establish a USGA Handicap. An annual handicap fee of $25 applies to Non-MGA members.

Post your score to GHIN: