Meadia Heights Golf Club


Meadia Heights offers a variety of membership types providing activities for the entire family. Golf memberships are tiered by age allowing Meadia Heights to fit into the lifestyles of growing families. We also offer Trial House Memberships, Junior Memberships, as well as our affordable Social Membership. Additionally we offer several Corporate Membership Plans. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just need a place to have a quiet meal, there is truly a membership to meet your needs!

In 2017 Meadia Heights will be offering the following membership categories:

Golf Member Class Classifications:
2017 Intermediate 21 – 30
2017 Intermediate 31-35
2017 Full Golf Membership

Social Member Classifications:
2017 Social Membership
2017 Willow Valley Membership
2017 Trial House Membership

Corporate Member Classifications:
2017 Corporate Plus Membership

If you are interested in learning more about membership fees and structure we encourage you to use the contact form below.

Meadia Heights is dedicated to you and your enjoyment of the lifestyle that is here and part of our club. Whether it is for business, your personal pleasure, or family activities, you will love it here at Meadia Heights!

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