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The Course

The Home of Champions

Meadia Heights Golf Club’s championship course is a stern test for players of all abilities. Though it plays to a modest 6,197 yards, the course demands accuracy, ball control, and a great deal of patience. Over the years, it has helped some of the best in the world compete on all levels — from PGA Tour winners to collegiate All-Americans and amateur champions. With a USGA Course Rating of 69.6 and a Slope Rating of 129, its classic layout surely won’t disappoint.

Course Tour & Tips

Looking for a leg up? Take a tour of each hole at Meadia Heights — and get some expert pro tips.

Favor the left center of this dog-leg right par 4. The carry to the top of the hill is 200 yards for the men.

An uphill par 3. Do not hit the ball over the green — you’ll be sorry! The green slopes from the back to front and right to left.

Be careful of the out-of-bounds along the right. A good tee shot would be straight down the center of the fairway, putting you in position to play a blind second shot. The green slopes right to left.

Enjoy the view! This par 3 requires an accurate 185+ yard shot. Too far left, you’re in the woods. Too far right, you’re in the woods or way below the green. Balls hit left will feed down the hill a bit — but not much!

Straight away short par 4. Watch out for the bunkers on the left and right of the fairway, which are about 200 yards from the tee!

Par 5 along the road. A long tee ball will put you in range to go for it. From the top of the second hill, you have only 110 yards to the green, which slopes left to right.

Par 4 along the road. Bunkers on the left of the fairway force you to aim down the middle. Land your shots short of the green, and allow them to roll on, as the green slopes front to back and is not very accepting.

A long par 4 with a slight dog-leg left. Drives should favor the right side. The green slopes left to right and front to back!

A short par 4 with out-of-bounds along the right. Favor the left fairway for a short iron shot into the green. Stay out of the pot bunker in front — it’s a sure bogey! And don’t let the green fool you. Most of the putts are straight.

Par 4 along the road. Aim left. Play the second shot to land short if you want to hold this green. Almost every ball will feed down the hill to the lower tier of the green. Careful when you putt —you may end up on the lower tier!

This picturesque par 5 requires a long tee shot to get home in two. Otherwise, two good shots up the middle and a nice chip will put you in position for a birdie! The green slopes from back to front. It’s cradled by the pond to the right and behind, while deep bunkers guard the front.

Hold on to your hats! A straight tee shot is the only way to play. At the top of the hill, 100 yards is all you will have left to the trickiest green on the course. The ball will feed left to right and front to back. Unless you land it short, you will most likely be chipping from behind.

A short par 3 with the pond in front. The green slopes from left to right, and putting the ball on it is the key to this hole. Chipping and sand shots are tricky!

This dog-leg left par 4 requires a good tee shot that favors the center of the fairway. Anything too long will end up in a fairway bunker. The second shot is uphill to a green with a false front — anything short will roll off. Green slopes left to right.

An interesting par 4. You will want to hit a 200-yard shot to put yourself at the top of the hill with a flat lie. If you’re a big hitter, you can try to rip it and get to the bottom of the hill for a short chip. The green slopes back to front and right to left.

A great par 4 for the men, par 5 for the ladies. A good tee shot to the top of the hill will give you a view of the two-tier green protected by bunkers on the left and right. Green slopes right to left. We fondly call this one our “Little Monster.”

A three-shot par 5 unless you’re a gorilla! A good tee shot will put you in position to determine whether to hit to the area short of the pond or to go to the fairway on the other side. Green slopes left to right.

A long par 3 finishing hole. Bunkers guard this intimidating hole, with the clubhouse deck overlooking its green.

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